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Real time, decision tracking solutions using state-of-the-art
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GDPR Ready

The Company

CONTEXT Health has grown out of a need to bring together healthcare and technology in order to enhance the clinician and patient experience.

The team at CONTEXT Health has been working in clinical care for over twenty years and we understand the pressures that clinicians face in order to deliver the highest care to their patients on a daily basis.

Built by Clinicians

We remain patient-focused, creating applications that are both flexible and secure. Our design process includes “going back to the bedside”, to create solutions that are both accessible and relevant to actual patient care.

Our founding principle is that we create tools that enhance the clinical processes that are already in place without the technology getting in the way.

Security Focused

Patient care flows seamlessly from home to GP to hospital specialist, utilising unique decision-tracking and teleconferencing software to enhance the patient journey without impacting on daily activities.

Our clinical solutions are built to meet the strict standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force in 2018. This protects the flow of sensitive medical record data whilst maintaining the high standards of confidentiality and information governance currently in place for healthcare. 'Privacy by Design'.


CONTEXT Meeting™

Our platform solution that enables secure, flexible collaboration with decision tracking audit functionality.


Online GP patient consultation software with data sharing and teleconference facilities with no interruption to the working day.

CONTEXT Surgical

Peer-to-Peer mentoring and training from the operating theatre utilising state of the art video technology to deliver high definition, real time access for surgeons.


The multidisciplinary team panel (MDT) remains at the heart of good patient care for cancer management. It is an essential part of the clinical pathway for these patients and follows national guidelines for all medical and surgical specialities.

CONTEXT Meeting™ is a platform that delivers clinical benefit and process improvement that will standardise models of care. We have created a collaboration framework, which mimics existing clinical pathways whilst giving security at an individual patient level.


CONTEXT Meeting™ focuses on contextual relevance accompanied by flexibility and ease of use that will encourage high take-up by users. Our clinically intuitive platform creates better-connected healthcare for all.

The Benefits

A fully flexible system with data sharing control at the individual patient level. Rigorous information governance is maintained on our web-based solution, enabling clinical mobility without compromise. Decision tracking and outcome audit of is at the heart of the system facilitating best practice with every interaction.

"We already have an effective MDT"

You do ... but at what cost? Spiralling administration and clinical frustration with the process exists within healthcare today. The lack of a coherent approach to the wider issues around multidisciplinary meetings can be addressed with the right technology.


The CONTEXT GP system is based upon the CONTEXT Meeting™ platform, being tailored specifically for the use by the general practitioner for interactions in the community clinic environment.


CONTEXT GP facilitates remote consultations with patients with the ability to share key relevant medical data, as if the patient were in the room. Modern mobile videoconferencing software is incorporated into the solution without the need for an expensive hardware purchase: our aim is not to get in the way of patient or GP. To date, the hesitation to adoption of this type of consultation is as a result of the complexity of set up.

We now offer patient monitoring in the community including cardiac, respiratory and cognitive measures facilitating safe early discharge from hospital into the home environment.

Beyond Your Practice

As the network of professional CONTEXT users increases, you, as the GP, will be able to connect with other GP practices, your physiotherapy team, community nurses and specialists within hospitals as and when you need. This seamless flow of communication and data exchange will greatly enhance the care that can be delivered to patients: clinically connected in a manner that suits all parties.

"We already have a Telehealth System"

You do ... but do you use it? Current systems for consultation tend to be adopted from other business industries and as a result miss some of the nuances that are peculiar to healthcare. The uptake of Telehealth in the GP practice has been slow to date as a consequence of the above and the perception that it will take extra work to make it happen: CONTEXT GP has minimised these issues so that the technology doesn't get in the way.


The CONTEXT SURGICAL system enables surgeons to train and be trained from the comfort of their own operating theatre using our web-based solution. We have focused on connectivity using high definition video technology with the minimal latency required for this type of work.

The team at CONTEXT Health have approached surgical training from the point of view of the surgeon on the ground, with the need to be flexible, secure and cost-effective for training on an every day basis.

The Process

Historically, surgical operative teaching has involved a very long and intensive apprenticeship in order to produce the best surgical expertise. This is becoming more difficult to achieve as working practices have changed and new surgical technologies are being introduced at a rapid rate.

CONTEXT SURGICAL offers a system of teaching and post-training support that is unique within surgical education. Using the CONTEXT software infrastructure, combined with a robust training programme, it is possible to accelerate training opportunities within a safe and secure environment to assist with the demands of surgical training required in today’s healthcare market.

“We already perform Telesurgery”

You do… but can the training be improved? It has been possible to perform Tele-surgery for some time now; however, it usually comprises of single day sessions for conferences, bringing in professional filming crews into theatre with specially set up communication networks in order to broadcast the event. The CONTEXT SURGICAL system adopts a plug-and-play approach to minimise the impact and disruption to the workings of the operating theatre, enabling the training to continue with minimal fuss.

Data Security

This remains the cornerstone of any software product introduced for patient management in today’s healthcare world. Both clinicians and patients need to trust that all data is securely protected with no risk of compromise of this information.

The CONTEXT Health System will be General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant when the new regulations come into effect on the 25th of May 2018. The system currently complies with the Data Protection Act (1998) and adheres to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2014). Data security is at the heart of the CONTEXT business philosophy and forms a necessary part of the infrastructure for the CONTEXT solution.

During system development, CREST certified penetration (PEN) testing has been carried out to seek out and identify possible network vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in advance of introduction of the service.

Information Governance

CONTEXT Health complies with the strictest levels of National Health Service governance to ensure that patient-centred care is the focus at all times. We have employed an expert in clinical governance who maintains a relatively independent position within the company to be the patient’s advocate at all times.

The focus on clinical governance is, again, key to the success of the service once introduced into the clinical environment.

Context Cloud vs Server

During the development of the system, a conscious decision was taken by the company to move away from the traditional standalone server model with the associated problems including maintaining up to date hardware and higher costs.

The CONTEXT Cloud allows each hospital or practice institution to own its own partition within the cloud, thereby protecting this most sensitive of data and adhering to the high levels of governance required for medical data management.

Recent advances in cloud computing technology have enabled rapid access to data across networks without compromising the security required for medical use.


The CONTEXT MDT System is offered utilising a SaaS model for purchase. This avoids the high costs of complete system deployment and hardware requirements. The advantage of this model is that your institution only pays for what it uses. The supply and maintenance costs are built into the package, thereby offering a cost-efficient solution that grows with use at your pace.

Immediate Level I & II Helpdesk support is available to clients, with more in depth support on offer if necessary.

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